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Raising Arrows is a local non-profit organization based out of Jasper, AL. We currently serve the Jasper community, Walker, Winston, and Cullman counties. The mission is to provide quality care, social community, life empowerment, and healthy eating. We want to empower kids to aim high and we want to make sure that every child in North Alabama and surrounding areas have access to a hot meal year round. 

What We Do

We have many different components of Raising Arrows. The vision is growing almost daily as the needs of our children and our surrounding communities are being revealed. We have established safe and interactive programs for youth and hope to continue to do more. RA has been in operation for 5 years. We are young but have accomplished a lot in our 5 years of operation. RA has several after school programs, multiple feeding sites, spring and summer camps, and 5 community events a year. 

feeding program

after-school program


enrichment camps


Jennifer Lee

About our Founder

Jennifer Lee is a native to Walker County. Growing up in Carbon Hill, she understands the needs of this community better than most. Her purpose for starting Raising Arrows was to make sure that there would be no excuse for hunger in this county. Now her mission is reaching more than just Walker County but also surrounded counties and throughout the state of Alabama. 



Heather Williams
Enrichment Camp Mom

During the roughest ankle surgery I've ever had, Raising Arrows has taken my kids in!! I never have to worry about them and I always hear what a blast they had! When I honestly didn't know what I was going to do, RA saved my "mom nerves" and helped my kids not have to suffer through a boring recovery time with mom!! I always know this bunch has my back!! I can't ever repay you or thank you enough for all the love!!!!

Mr. Phillips
Maddox Intermediate School

The program has helped our kids tremendously. The kids leave us fed each day. Many students even come back for seconds, which is always available. Honestly, this has become a selling point for many students on whether they come or not. We are very thankful.