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After School Program

Raising Arrows After School Programs are designed for students from 3p-5:30p Monday through Friday. Our After School Care Programs provide homework help, snack, hot meal provided by RAising arrows Feeding Program and so much more. Fill out an application now on the link below. Prices vary for different schools and are listed in the application. 


Scholarship Opportunties

Raising Arrows has scholarship opportunities for those who meet our criteria. If your family meets one of these qualifications, you are eligible for a scholarship. 

*All scholarships are selected from a pool.*

-Single Parent Household

- Grandparent as legal guardian

- section 8 housing

- multiple children enrollment (3+)

- Legal guardian (not parent) & child is        not in dhr


Virtual Day Camps

We understand that city schools have selected certain days as "virtual days." 

raising arrows is here to help! 

whenever your student's school has a virtual day on the calendar, raising arrows will be providing a day camp for those that need it. 

Fill out an application now to see pricing and get more information on these day camps. 

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