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2023 Recap

Since 2018 we have fed

OVER 1,000,000 MEALS



The Founder and President, Jennifer Lee, noticed children in West  Jasper were not getting the proper nutrition outside of regular school hours. She contacted the Jasper Housing Authority, which was thrilled to partner with and allow Jennifer to feed the kids in that area. Soon coaches from local high schools were calling asking if she had means to feed the sports teams because there were students who were malnourished. The mission that started in Jasper soon expanded through out the entire state of Alabama. 

How We Started.

What We Do

There are different components to Raising Arrows. The vision is growing daily as the insecurity rate of child hunger rises.  We have established safe and interactive programs for youth and hope to continue to do more. 


We host different outreach events throughout the year that are completely free to the community. these are typically seasonal depending on the time of year. Follow us on Facebook or here on our website for more information.

Jennifer Lee

About our Founder

Jennifer Lee is a native to Walker County. Growing up in Carbon Hill, she understands the needs of this community better than most. Her purpose for starting Raising Arrows was to make sure that there would be no excuse for hunger in this county. Now her mission is reaching more than just Walker County but also surrounded counties and throughout the state of Alabama. 

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